patrick bet david tucker carlson

patrick bet david tucker carlson

Andrew Tate’s response: Andrew Tate is undoubtedly not someone who is reluctant to voice his ideas. The controversial social media celebrity recently responded to Tucker Carlson departing Fox News by doing the same. Over the years, right-wing commentator Carlson, known for his vitriol and influence, amassed a large following of devoted supporters. While the news of his departure shook the US cable news industry, Tate had a rather intriguing opinion.

He asserted that the former Fox News anchor was assaulted by “The Matrix” because he had the guts to tell the truth. Curiously, Tate responded to the possibility that Carlson might be heading to a new media outlet. Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News personality who recently left his position, recently received a sizable offer from Valuetainment’s founder, Patrick Bet-David. In addition to his own podcast and daily/weekly broadcasts, Carlson has been given $100 million over the course of five years, along with a number of other benefits.

Andrew Tate responded on Twitter with a single phrase to Patrick Bet-David’s proposition to Tucker Carlson. He scribbled “G.” While joining Valuetainment will undoubtedly be a step down for Tucker Carlson after working for Fox News, arguably one of the largest media companies in the world, it also presents a unique opportunity for him to create something significant with the company.

No, as of right now, Andrew and Tristan Tate remain under house arrest. In December of last year, the Tate brothers were detained on suspicion of money laundering and human trafficking. They continued to serve the following three months in jail before being freed on March 31. They were placed under home arrest while not having their charges dropped. Even though they have been under house arrest for more than a month at this point and have repeatedly asserted their innocence, they are still facing charges.

Additionally, the court has twice extended their house arrest. Having said that, it will be interesting to see how long the inquiry lasts and whether or not the Tate brothers are convicted in the case. What do you think of the Tate brothers’ situation? What do you guys make of Tate’s response to David’s proposal?