Accident On i-270 St Louis Today

Accident On i-270 St Louis Today

Accident On i-270 St Louis Today: An assistant circuit attorney who worked in the office of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner was sadly taken from us on Wednesday evening after being engaged in a collision on Interstate 270. The accident occurred at 5 o’clock in the evening. A number of people have confirmed to Christine Byers of 5 On Your Side that the information that the person who passed away in the accident worked at the office of Kim Gardner.

James Heitman was identified as the assistant circuit attorney in the case by Judge Scott Millikan, who also revealed his identity. He was a beautiful young man who always carried himself in a professional manner, therefore it is a terrible shame that this has happened to him. Millikan expressed his condolences to his family, saying, “My deepest sympathies go out to his family.” As a member of the General Felonies Unit, Heitman performed his duties under Millikan’s direction. Millikan was responsible for overseeing Heitman’s activities.

Five on Your Side managed to get their hands on a copy of the email that was sent out to all of the judges. In the email, it was written, “ACA.” This evening, James Heitman was tragically killed when his car was involved in an accident. I would want to beg you to please keep praying for him and for his family in its entirety. On Tuesday evening, at about 5:30 o’clock, there was a collision that took place on Interstate 270 not too far from where it meets Interstate 55.

A fire was started, according to a spokeswoman for the Missouri State Highway Patrol who indicated that the collision that took place in the southbound lanes of Interstate 270 was the origin of the fire. Two people were hurt to the point that they needed to be transported from the area by emergency personnel. At least one person was harmed in the incident, and sadly, they did not survive their injuries long enough to be treated at the nearby hospital.

The lanes traveling in the southbound direction of the highway were closed for the several hours it took for the officers of the highway patrol to finish their investigation. Since that time, the highway has been repaired and is once again open to traffic. 5 On Your Side has made many attempts to get in touch with a spokeswoman for Gardner’s office; however, we have not yet gotten a response to these attempts.